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La Mar Soap House

Natural, nourishing and made with love.

Marieli Zambrana Rodriguez

Marieli Zambrana Rodriguez's first batch of cold process soap was made for her father. The carefully chosen ingredients of lavender and activated charcoal proved to be the perfect combination to soothe her father's dry and sensitive skin caused by an autoimmune condition. Seeing the impact the soaps had on her father, Marieli was inspired to help others dealing with skin conditions through the creation of natural and nourishing soaps.

Handmade in Aquadilla, Puerto Rico, La Mar Soap House products are made in small batches using top quality oils, butters, clays, fruits and even Puerto Rican coffee. Every ingredient is 100% natural, organic, raw, vegan and cruelty free, plus there are no added fragrances or dyes. To ensure the nourishing impacts of the soap, Marieli uses the cold process method and hand mixes each batch.

To complete the experience, Marieli includes pure essential oils in her products for their therapeutic properties. If you are looking to soothe your skin and your mind, look no further, La Mar Soap House has what you need.

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