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Behind the Brand

Behind every brand, every product, and every idea is a story. This month we had the chance to hear the stories of three women who are living boldly, creating amazing products and running thriving businesses.


Betsy Serrano creator of Tersa

Natural products, big impact.

To do what you love and make an impact on the world is a goal many of us attain for. Betsy Serrano has been working toward that for many years and in 2014 it came to life with the start of Tersa.

Tersa is a line eco-friendly and fair trade body care products made from natural ingredients. From lotions to soaps and body scrubs, Tersa offers product options that are tailored to your skin type and help support skin and body wellness. Who can’t get behind that? Yes please!!

But Tersa is more than a body care line it is a company devoted to making the world around it better. Every product is handmade and created with the purpose of improving health, the environment, education, and consequently society. With the support of her husband Ariel Rosado and son Irael Rosado as well as her amazing team members Carmen Milán and Camille Sosa, Tersa has evolved into a company that takes social responsibility to heart.

One way Betsy has chosen to make an impact in her local community is through the Sin Recreo Lab initiative. Sin Recreo Lab encourages young people to think outside the box and cultivate their skills to create social impact projects that transform the world around them. With an amazing network of mentors from various professional backgrounds, the program has facilitated multiple workshops and creative activities to help rebuild Puerto Rico and spread joy across the island.

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Millesh Martinez creator of Miliesh Pottery

Quirky, playful, and one of a kind.

"If I could express the way I see the world in a sketchbook, it would look a lot like a cartoon. Every day would be filled with a thousand different stories."

Childhood dreams can become a reality. As a child, Miliesh Martinez loved getting her hands dirty with mud clay and became obsessed with sculpting. Today Miliesh has turned her passion into a thriving pottery business.

A self-described eternal dreamer with an imagination that never sleeps, Miliesh Martinez creates beautiful and well-crafted pieces of art inspired by fantasy and the world around her. Miliesh’s pottery screams imagination and creativity. From teacups to cereal bowls Miliesh Pottery offers a collection of handmade kitchen essentials that are one of a kind.

When Milliesh isn’t turning clay, she spends her time working on other art forms including fashion design and photography. She’s even writing a book inspired by her young son’s perspective on everyday life. As is the case with any artist, her love for art is Miliesh’s daily motivation.

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Giovanna Rodríguez creator of Pupa by Gio

Nature and Art

“It’s amazing how we’re all connected and just by being mindful of what’s around us, makes us even more aware and conscious of our role in this world.”

Giovanna Rodríguez has a deep connection to the world around her. Every step outside is an opportunity for discovery and creation. For Giovanna, the creative process starts with embracing nature and appreciating the little details. Her love for the outdoors paired with a background in graphic design has allowed Giovanna to create breathtaking works of art that highlight nature in new and exciting ways.

Birthed out of her desire to unleash creativity and let nothing hold her back, the Pupa by Gio brand combines all of Giovanna’s passions into one place. Macro lens in hand, Giovanna captures nature with all its creatures and transforms them into amazing pieces of art. Pupa by Gio offers a wide range of products including one of kind art prints, stationery, jewelry, and home decor items.

You don’t have to search very long to notice the collection of butterflies in Giovanna’s designs. Raising Monarch butterflies and closely observing the metamorphosis process has given Giovanna a great appreciation for the colorful insects and nature as a whole. Just like butterflies, every stage of life is a process, even growing a business. Managing Pupa by Gio has come with its challenges, but it has been worth it every step of the way.

If you are thinking about starting a business of your own, Giovanna has a few words of wisdom -- "Believe in yourself always, no matter what other people may think. Have a clear concept that’s unique, stands out and has a meaning. Work everyday to make it happen and the rest will come."

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