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Barbanegra Beard Co.

Helping men beard responsibly.


The scent of citrus, mint and fresh cut wood draw the mind back to the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico. These sweet aromas are the chosen scents of Barbanegra Beard Co. created by Xavier Carrillo.

In 2015 Xavier Carrillo took notice of a trend -- the Hipster Beard! Men all over the US and Europe were trading in their close cut shave for a full bodied luscious beard. Let it be known that maintaining a shapely beard is no joke. If you ask any bearded man, they’ll tell you that the best beards require a specific regiment of oils, shampoos, balms and other tools to keep the beard hydrated and well groomed.

As the new beard trend reached the shores of Puerto Rico, the demand for beard care products on the island grew. But where could one find such products? In the age of websites like Amazon, it's easy to just hop online and buy anything you want from random companies all over the world, but Xavier wanted something local. He searched the island for locally made beard care products and sadly came up short. So, Xavier did what all great entrepreneurs do, he took matters into his own hands and started Barbanegra Beard Co.

Barbanegra Beard Co is a collection of carefully selected essential oils and aromas to create the finest all natural beard balms, oils and shampoos. Each scent is chosen to remind the bearded man, and those around him, of the sweet aromas of Puerto Rico. Every Barbanegra product allows the modern bearded man to keep his beard clean, hydrated, controlled and healthy.

Simply put, Barbanegra Beard Co helps men beard responsibly!

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